Are you old Google or new Google?

Are you old Google or new Google?


Change For The Better?


Bold. Bland. Exciting. Disappointing. Progressive. Inoffensive.

This week, the world of design and marketing has been awash with comment on the new Google logo. When the world’s biggest digital brand revealed their new look on 1st September – their biggest update in 16 years – reactions, naturally, were mixed.

Whatever your opinion, there’s no denying it’s as good a time as any to change the logo; Google has never been afraid of change, and huge structural upheavals are currently taking place with the forming of new holding company Alphabet.

The rationale behind the redesign makes sense too. Google is now so much bigger than it once was, with so many different interests across so many platforms that a simple, bold design that fits with them all at a variety of sizes was almost inevitable. Google’s redesign isn’t just about the font, the characters and the colours, either; look beyond the logotype into the redesigned icons, animated dots that bring it to life across mobile, smartwatches, voice-activated search and more and the distinctive shorthand ‘G’.

So as experts in creative communications, online marketing and branding (based in sunny Cheshire rather than Palo Alto!), what did the team at Thrive think of it all?

The consensus of opinion here was, basically, ‘much ado about nothing’. It’s not a cutting edge piece of design, it’s not a life-changing eureka moment; it’s a slightly different look for a familiar face. A change of clothes, if you like. As one comment had it: “Does anyone really care? No. Will we all still use Google? You bet.”

And that, essentially, reflects something we remind clients of all the time. A brand consists of more than just a logo, a typeface or a colour. Your brand goes altogether deeper than that: your brand is what you do, what you say, what you stand for.

So in this particular case, the look may have changed but Google is still Google. And it’s their technology that’s changing the world – not their logo.

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