Email Marketing – The proof is in the pudding

Email Marketing – The proof is in the pudding


How can we reach more people and convert them into a sale during a historically quiet sales period?

It’s a common request, and there’s always a solution out there if you find the right mix of ingredients.

When our friends at Sam’s Chop House in Manchester asked us to help put extra bums on seats over the quieter summer holidays, we rose to the challenge and put our email marketing expertise to good use.

Email Marketing

First of all, they had a very tasty offer – 50% off food for a whole 6 weeks.

But how could we extend the offer to more than just the existing database?

Simple – throw in a ‘Forward to a Friend’ button, mix in a simple sign-up page and sprinkle with an easy to access, print-ready voucher.

Like all good chefs, we’ll check our recipes and look for ways to add extra flavour and finesse to the finished dish.

And with the right tools in place, intelligent segmentation allowed us to reach more of the right people at the right time without bombarding loyal customers or losing out on unopened emails.

Often, it just takes a simple adjustment to your original message combined with trustworthy data and a fast turnaround to see your results peak.

The team at Sam’s were delighted with the significant increase in both their database numbers and restaurant footfall during the 6-week holidays.

Tactical segmentation also produced an impressive rate of more than 52% click-through rates on previously unopened emails – a sobering lesson in maintaining communications with the right customers throughout an offer period.

So, if your email campaigns have sunk in the middle or are suffering from a soggy bottom, why not get in touch with us at Thrive and we may be able to help.

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