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Content Development

Words that work for you.

Words. They’re possibly the most important element of your online marketing – search engines rely on them to rank your website, while you need them to get your messages across to your audience in the most compelling way possible.

Writing for the web isn’t easy though; finding the balance that works for both readers and search engines is an art in itself, combining engaging, effective and persuasive copy with keywords, links and other SEO techniques. That’s why at Thrive, we use professional copywriters to create content that gets results.


What exactly is ‘content’?

These days, everyone talks about ‘content’. But first you need to be clear on the messages you want to get across. Once these are determined, content is simply the various ways those messages can be presented on your site. So it’s a term that covers a wide range of possibilities, from video to online games, downloadable guides to simple blogs.


Creating your content

At Thrive we’ll work with you to create whatever content we agree will get your message over best, but for the most part these will be copy-based. And the copy we use online falls into several different categories.


Web copy

It’s tempting to write the basic copy for your website yourself – after all, you know your products or business better than anyone – but having it written by a specialist makes all the difference, giving your website more appeal, getting your messages across succinctly and powerfully and improving your site’s performance.



Infographics – presenting information, data and knowledge in a visual format – not only help your SEO as they draw lots of attention and can often be shared across social media. Done well, with the right balance of copy and visual interest, they also engage readers, get your message across easily and build brand awareness.



Blogs are vital to your SEO results – but they’re also a perfect opportunity for you to show your audience what you and your business are about, how you think, your opinions on industry matters and so much more. Better still, combined with social media they’re an ideal way of getting your message out to a wider audience.



Writing informative, interesting articles is a great way to be seen as an authoritative voice in your industry and encouraging visitors to your website to keep coming back. Plus it helps generate valuable external quality backlinks to your site.



This can be news about your business, industry or other relevant topics, all of which provides fresh content on a regular basis – something that can really help your rankings. Becoming a Google News publisher is the ultimate goal though…it’s search engine gold!


Online Press Releases

Having news about your products or business picked up by the media is another very effective way of getting your message out there – but editors are under all sorts of pressures, so it’s important to make sure it’s in the best format possible for them to use. When they do, you’ll benefit from instant PR coverage and extra links for your site.


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