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Spam. Nobody likes it, nobody wants it. But it’s what a lot of people first think of when we talk about email marketing – and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Spam is all about sending unsolicited emails to a (usually) bought list of people who have never agreed to receive emails from you. Whereas email marketing is about regularly communicating with your existing customers, clients and contacts who’ve agreed to you sending them updates, offers and more.

Email marketing is more than that, too. It’s about building relationships, engaging with people who are interested in your products and services, and having an extremely measurable return on investment. That’s what makes email marketing such a valuable tool alongside others such as content and social; it’s also very versatile, with easy testing between different sections of our audience and highly tailored messaging that really hits home.

At Thrive, we have a great deal of experience in email marketing, and can help you follow best practice regarding personalisation, testing, content and frequency, to make sure you get the most from your email activity.

We can also provide you with a complete and thorough report covering delivery, who opened your emails, who responded by clicking links or sharing them and what they did once they got to your website. So you can see just how valuable your email marketing is.

For email marketing that works harder, talk to Thrive (or you can always email us!)