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Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is essentially all about making sure your website ranks highly in a search engine’s organic listings.

Why is that so important? Easy – it’s all very well having a lovely new website, but if you want customers to see it, it needs to feature in search engine results pages (known as SERPs). To do that, your website need to communicate effectively with the search engines. And that’s where SEO comes in.

When we create a website it’s built to communicate with your customers. But what we also do is make sure it communicates with search engines too, telling them what your website’s all about (as a lot of websites still don’t, you’ll get ahead of competitors, too!).

Popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can provide huge volumes of traffic to your website – as long as you give them the right SEO signposts.

The secret of making SEO work for you.

Once you understand how search engines find and sort their results, you can start to optimise how high up the rankings your website appears.

It’s in a search engine’s interests to find the most relevant results, so people trust it and keep using it – and they get those results by collecting information from across the web, using it to judge the quality of different websites. Do an internet search and your results will be listed in order of relevance and quality – so the more we can demonstrate to the search engine that your website’s relevant to the search, the higher it’ll appear on the list.

Is it all about keywords?

A lot of people will tell you it is. But in fact, they’re just one way a search engine judges your website. It’s still vital to get them right though – which is why we’ll work with you to identify the best words and phrases potential customers might use to search for your products. Then we’ll emphasise those terms throughout your website – not just on the home page – and make sure the search engines can read and index them as part of their information gathering.

Now here is the news…

News, articles and features…what could be more relevant than writing about your industry on your website? That’s why we produce well-written, relevant content to regularly update on your website. Not only is it relevant to your customers, the search engines love it too – it can mean faster indexing of your site, helps you get consistent attention from Google and thus moves your website up the rankings.

What’s the link?

Another thing search engines value is links from other relevant websites. So the links your site can attract are very important to your rankings – this is part of what is called ‘off-page’ SEO.

Think of each link to your site as a ‘vote’ from another. What the search engine looks for is good quality ‘votes’, in other words links from websites they see as having more authority than others. That’s why it’s never a good idea to buy links – the search engines can tell when they’re being manipulated, and can severely penalise your site if they think you’re up to no good!

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