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Mixing business with pleasure.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…social media is a phenomenon that encompasses everyone from teenagers to grandparents, and reality TV stars to royalty.

Virtually everyone’s on one social network or another. Which is why they can be an invaluable way of reaching your specific target audience. And why so many businesses now have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and more, engaging customers and potential customers on a different level.


Should my business be more social?

Social media’s a great way to get your message across, conduct market research and get product feedback…and for small businesses to compete with big brands.

Social media sites have become an important element in online marketing – so really the question should be ‘Can you afford not to be more social?’.

As experts in online marketing, Thrive can help you make the most of your social opportunities. We’ll analyse which networks will work best for your business, come up with creative solutions to make sure you talk to the right people and plan and monitor the results.

We’ll make sure you know all there is to know about marketing in social media – including a few of the terms you may come across:


SMO – Social Media Optimisation

SMO is all about making the most of your social media opportunities, whether that’s making your website more accessible to social media audiences or planning a more active campaign on social media sites.


SMM – Social Media Marketing

SMM and SMO are essentially very similar – in a nutshell, SMM is about using proactive internet marketing techniques on social media sites.


SNM – Social Network Marketing

This is about finding the most appropriate network for you, whether it’s the main players like Facebook and Twitter or niche networks for a specific industry or activity.


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