The Challenge

Who ate all the pies? We did; we’ve been tasting the Great North Pie Company’s wares for more years than…we’ve been helping them with their marketing.

So when they expanded on the back of their own success and faced a familiar problem to so many artisan food producers – retaining the brand’s integrity while catering to increased demand – Thrive was in prime position to help.

The Solution

When people from local delis to 5-star hotels can’t get enough of your pies, you need to stay focused on the quality and values you’ve become known for.

So while the primary task was to produce a website emphasising the company’s position as a leading artisan pie producer, we first took a step back and reviewed their entire packaging, stationery, advertising and communications.

And after a few tweaks to align the messaging, we were able to present a consistent brand message underpinned by quality, local produce…and a mouth-watering taste!

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