The Challenge

Think marketing’s child’s play? M&B Surfaces, who supply artificial turf and play surfaces, would say differently. That’s why they asked Thrive to take a look at their re-brand.

As one of our longest-standing clients, we knew M&B’s challenge well. While they were used to working closely with end installers and distributors, a new range of play surface products shifted the focus to schools, playgrounds and even domestic play areas. And we needed to make people aware of them.

The Solution

M&B had complete confidence in their new products. Technically they were better than every other play surface material – but the market simply didn’t know it.

The first step was new branding to update the company’s image. Then a series of direct mail pieces was produced and distributed to potential customers such as schools, with much success. Finally, technical information was produced to help distributors fully understand the benefits of the product.

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