All the components for a more effective website.

The Challenge

Electronics. For such a high-tech sector, many components suppliers have surprisingly basic, dated-looking websites. So when Ridgeway, a long-established specialist in the market, wanted to stand out from their competitors, announce their aerospace and military accreditations and highlight their ability to find rare and obsolete components, the answer was simple: a new website from Thrive.

The Solution

Making a feature of bold, striking imagery from the various market sectors Ridgeway supply was the first step to making their new website a cut above the others. Punchy headlines that got straight to the point, together with copy designed to quickly highlight their benefits also gave them a distinctive tone. Add to that easy navigation and seamless functionality, incorporating a third party search facility for rare components, and the result is a website that speaks volumes about Ridgeway’s quality and professional approach. Plus, of course, a very happy client.

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