The Challenge

The smart way to manage a large and complex range of suppliers? Arcus, Trade Interchange’s innovative cloud-based supplier management software sold through both direct sales and a distributor network.

For the equally complex problem of re-branding and creating a new tone of voice though, the London-based company played it smart themselves. And turned to Thrive.

The Solution

First, brand and product needed separating. Trade Interchange would deal direct with large corporates, while distributors would focus on Arcus.

For the logos, we wanted to reflect the continuous service to direct clients and the continual improvements to the software. Hence a circular motif, with a stylised ‘C’ linking main brand and software which is carried through to the add-on modules, differentiated using colour and descriptive straplines.

With comprehensive guidelines outlining their correct usage and the new tone of voice, the company has a renewed confidence to walk into the UK’s best-known businesses as a big player in supplier management software. It’s carried over into stationery, social media, website and email marketing too.

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