The Changing Face of Logo Design

The Changing Face of Logo Design

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A logo, traditionally, has usually been a static, untouchable object. Used throughout an organisation or company across all its touch-points, it’s a symbol, an icon, an image that belongs to the whole brand. Logos appear on a particular product or physical object to provide instant recognition. So historically, change was always seen as expensive and time consuming… until now.

In this day and age, changes can be made instantly. With the help of digital channels such as websites, emails and social media, anybody and everybody from around the world can see a logo. Which has affected how they’re used and brought about a different approach to the design method.

A logo can now be changed for different situations, pointing to different ideas/issues. It can evolve very quickly, whether it’s a permanent change or a temporary tweak – making the logo a valuable communication tool.

A great example of this is a logo most of us see on a daily basis: Google. The search engine’s logo has not only evolved over the years, but can also change on a daily basis. The Google logo has become a logo-system with great flexibility. From animations and games to simple graphics, every execution still incorporates the word and often colours of ‘Google’. Elements from the existing logo are used very subtly, and these evolutions are used to show specific topics or different events throughout the year, educating the world and communicating to many.

And there are other examples of logos that keep the same basic elements but adapt to suit particular media or situations, including the two shown here for the City of Melbourne and the Tate.

So, if you’re looking at a new logo or a brand refresh or update, consider how you can evolve in this fast paced environment and communicate with consumers or clients through the power of change. A flexible logo can be used to target different audiences, with different products and services and in different sectors. But behind it all, it stays the same.

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