The Most Efficient Way to Organise Yourself

The Most Efficient Way to Organise Yourself


Lean Sigma – A Love Affair

I love Lean Sigma – fact! Ever since attending a Yellow Belt Training Course back in 2009 I have been a convert. What is there not to like about a collection of tools and principles that aim to eliminate waste and defects and promote the voice of the customer all with the end point of improving efficiency?

So in a nutshell, being Lean in a business sense is all about working collaboratively to improve performance. This can be achieved in a whole host of ways whether that be conducting a root cause analysis, mapping a process flow or implementing a project charter. The list is endless and I could rattle on for hours about it – but fortunately for you, I won’t.  What I will do though is show you 5 quick wins that I apply on a daily basis in my role as Account Manager here at Thrive Creative that help me to be more efficient:

  1. Voice of the Customer – take the time to understand what it is your client really wants and put all your efforts into delivering that. Don’t spend time doing things for your client that they don’t perceive to be value adding. And how do you know what they want? Simple – just ask the question. Take time to get underneath the skin of their business and you’ll be in a much better position to decide what will add value and what won’t.
  2. Doing things right first time – the amount of time wasted making amends and corrections is not a productive use of anyone’s time. A little more time invested at the start reaps dividends further down the line.
  3. Working collaboratively – tap into the brain power around you. If you haven’t done or seen something before chances are one of your colleagues has and you’ll save a load of time learning from them rather than struggling through on your own.
  4. Housekeeping – a tidy home is a tidy mind! And whilst it’s easy enough to apply some of the Lean Sigma principles to your home life, in this instance I am referring to your inbox! 3,000 unread emails and a haphazard electronic filing system is not going to help you to be efficient. If anything it’s a massive hindrance. Make time every day to file emails away in a logical order. You’ll save time in the long run trust me.
  5. Visual Controls – in its simplest form visual controls can be used to save time and eliminate human error. This could take the form of a checklist, using the reminder facility in your electronic calendar or perhaps colour coding or flagging the emails in your inbox.

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