Trampocolypse Now – I love the smell of Corned Beef Hash in the morning!

Trampocolypse Now – I love the smell of Corned Beef Hash in the morning!

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When Sam’s Chop House decided to set their customer’s an April fool trick, they gave us the task of turning the campaign around just 48 hours! No problem.

Since the beginning of the year Sam’s Chop House have been promoting the #Trampocalypse campaign to highlight the impact that they are facing with the build of the Second City Metrolink Crossing. Over recent months the acclaimed bar and restaurant, along with other businesses in Chapel Walks, have become concealed following the erection of a ‘tall tent’ which has created a further impact on footfall. As April 1st approached, this gave the team at Sam’s Chop House the opportunity to have some fun with their customers, and offer an incentive to visit the pub over the Easter weekend.

As part of the campaign, which turned the idea of an April fool prank into a successful promotion, we created a series of emails to be sent to Sam’s 50,000 customer database, arranged for video to be filmed and even printed t-shirts for the occasion.

The campaign quickly went viral with many customers distraught of the thought that Sam’s was closing – until they realised it was a joke. Despite the concept being a prank, there was the underlying intention to highlight the issues that Sam’s Chop House is experiencing with the impact of the building of the Second City Metrolink Crossing.

Roger Ward, Owner at Sam’s Chop House said:

“I can’t speak highly enough of Thrive. The total campaign that included mailing, social media and video content came together in just 48 hours. This was last minute dot com responsiveness and a fantastic effort as the email campaign achieved record engagement, huge reach and our best-ever follower recruitment.

It launched a successful sales promotion which turned our Easter around with double digit growth, which is impressive in a difficult environment.

The campaign also placed an important issue on the news agenda. This was much more than a one-off publicity stunt.

You can read more about our little stunt on the MEN, Manchester Confidential and Prolific North websites.

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