Why the old adage “Less is more” has never been more appropriate

Why the old adage “Less is more” has never been more appropriate

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Today’s communication landscape is very different to the one I encountered when I first came into the advertising world some years ago.

Thanks to the proliferation of media channels and content, getting your message through to the most distracted generation in our history presents new challenges for any agency or brand.

Yet for all this change, I believe some things remain the same and are more relevant than ever.

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
Mark Twain

There’s a great Aladdin’s cave of knowledge out there about audience behaviour and attitudes. We have never been better informed. That’s great news, however this is when the hard work starts.

At Thrive, we mine for insights.

We unearth those, which provide the single most compelling brand propositions, that become the catalyst for ideas that stand out, engage and endure.

After all, the best work is based upon the simplest ideas.

But they also are the hardest to create.

When I graduated and joined my first agency, I was shown a commercial from the Don Draper era. It was black and white, lacked the slickness of current production valves, but absolutely captivated me.

It still does some 25 years later.

Timeless and a crystal-clear proposition that is born out of posing a question.

“Have you ever wondered how the man who drives the snow plough gets to the snow plough?”

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