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3 Ways to Make Your Brand Unique

Before I start; Hello! My name is Emily and I started here at Thrive recently as an Account Executive. My background and degree are in marketing, and I’ve worked in both the Public and the Health sectors.

My inaugural blog topic is: How to make your business stand out, in 3 useful tips!

It’s crucial to ensure that your brand stands out. To do so, you must find what makes you, YOU!

If there isn’t much that’s differing you from the rest, customers may base their choice on price. If this happens, it’s a downward spiral as prices will drop and you can wave goodbye to a healthy profit margin. When you make it clear that your business is different, you’re telling people how and why you are the right choice. The buyer then associates something desirable and specific with your brand that is unlike your competition.

How to make your offer one-of-a-kind

Stop telling potential customers the same thing that everyone else tells them. Saying that you are “the best” at what you do hardly means anything when every other business says it too. The same goes for “free” and “fast” shipping- doesn’t everyone do that these days? Your business will become unique when you put your focus on the who, what, where, why, when and how of your offer.

Not one to miss?

Once you have discovered what makes you unique, the next thing to do is identify which offers you think your customers would take a fancy to. They must value what makes your business different.

People aren’t going to buy something that they don’t care about, so make sure your offer solves a problem that your buyer knows about and wants to solve in a real, tangible way.

Communicate with your customers and discover where their areas of difficulty lie. Then, solve it with an exclusive solution.

How are people going to believe you?

If no one believes you- the offer means zilch. Creditability is a must-have to push your customers to take that final step. You need evidence that your offer provides results!

Testimonials from customers can show prospects that by investing in your business they will see the same positive results.

Being specific is key. As mentioned before – “Fast shipping” just isn’t good enough anymore. Specify your offer! Domino’s hit the jackpot when offering delivery within 30 minutes or less (Mmmm- Pizza).

Free trials. Although typically found in software services, it is slowly creeping into e-commerce, in particularly for subscription-based products such as Graze boxes and magazines. Let buyers try it for free first.

Guaranteeing your product or service proves to customers that what you’re offering is legit. Offer them a money-back guarantee and watch the fence-sitters fall!

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