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A love letter to press advertising

Perhaps you could blame the dozens of devices consumers now carry in their pockets. Or maybe paper is just too outdated for the delicate hands of a millennial. In this digital world, the print ad is all too often dismissed as an old-fashioned medium.

How we consume media in 2018

In 2018, people will spend an average of 515 minutes a day consuming media. TV remains the largest single medium by consumption time, averaging 170 minutes of viewing per day, compared to 140 minutes for the internet. Press and magazines on the other hand account for just 25 minutes.

Not all media are created equal in capturing attention.

In a recent survey of 2,600 U.K. respondents in to how attentive they are to 15 types of media, print advertising came out on top. It showed that when reading a national print newspaper, 80 percent of the time a reader’s attention will be focused just on that media. Likewise, another study showed that brand recall was 70% higher in participants reading print compared to digital.

Waitrose recently described print as its most effective advertising channel in terms of ROI, as well as the best way for the brand to tell a richer story.

It’s not just the number of impressions media makes, it’s the impression media makes.

With readership levels stabilising, isn’t it time we recognised print advertising as valid medium in today’s communication world and celebrate the great advertising created over the years.

Here are my 5 personal favourites (some old and some new) and it’s interesting to see how copy length has shortened through the decades. All of them engage and draw you in as a reader, in a way that only great print advertising can. Enjoy!

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