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A time for creativity

Life around the globe has been completely transformed since the outbreak of Covid-19 and here in the UK, lockdown is affecting everybody. It is helping with the battle against this virus, slowing down the reach, protecting the NHS and saving lives. It also means we have to stay home, which is forcing something that is also massively helping with the fight… Creativity.

Everybody, in some form, is creative. It is not a skill, but an ability – an ability to use the mind and imagination to create alternatives, possibilities and new and original ideas; something I have seen a lot of over the last few weeks of lockdown. Whether it’s a song about a baked potato, creating alternative protective equipment or using software and technology differently, it is helping in so many ways. It’s helping people’s wellbeing and boosting morale, it’s helping key workers on the front line, and it’s helping people to stay connected. Now is a time for creativity.

Businesses and teams have also had to adapt quickly. Creative thinking has had to occur almost instantly to ensure we can carry on offering our knowledge, skills and products that help millions of people. And carrying on, if possible, will go a long way for you, your business, and your clients. Staying connected is proving invaluable, letting you share thoughts and ideas that can be shown to the world, reminding people that you are still here for them.

Here are a few creative ads from global brands…

Creative thinking is what we’re all about here at Thrive, and we are here for you. We’re on hand to help you with whatever you need to carry on.

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