Advertising Campaigns – the importance of ‘Test and Learn’

At Thrive, we like to think of ourselves as restless. This doesn’t mean we are constantly walking about the office looking busy, it means we’re constantly reading, writing, reviewing, thinking and looking at the curve. It means we strive to look beyond conventional wisdom, always searching for insights that will help our clients’ campaigns achieve success.

The curve though has splintered and now shoots off in different directions, incorporating the different channels that campaigns have to proliferate. Recently, for a client’s campaign I looked at all of the media channels we could possibly use and the implications for each of them and on first glance it’s bewildering. You have digital display, OOH (out-of-home), classic print and press, not so classic digital marketing, retargeting, SEO, app development, content marketing and the rather unfortunately named DOOH (or digital out-of-home). And each and every one of them have metrics to analyse and evaluate what impact they have had.

Technology has accelerated this, the internet specifically, but all of it evolves at a frightening pace with new channels joining the party and subsequently leaving when they’re no longer wanted. But we shouldn’t be scared because in this ever changing environment, technology only adds to what we already have. Print isn’t dead. Email isn’t always king. Social Media didn’t end the world of marketing as we know it. Clients still ask for a direct mailer.

A campaign follows three stages. There’s a start and an end but it’s in the middle where it is won and lost. But with all of the channels available you’d be forgiven for not knowing which ones to explore.

At Thrive we often approach each campaign with an open mind. By testing certain avenues and setting realistic goals against them we can, over a short period, assess whether it’ll work over a longer term. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but on every occasion, we ask why, it’s the only way we learn.

I’ve alluded to the two biggest factors of campaign success. Testing and learning. There is no winning formula but by tweaking certain elements, embracing new ideas and not shutting yourself off from the old ones either, you’ll find that your campaign can really work the way you wanted it to. And of course, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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