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Strategic thinkers and creative visionaries, digital wizards and movie makers, meet the Thrivers – a close knit team of client-focused partners, hungry for any challenge you can throw at us.

Dave Powell, Thrive MD and CD
Dave Powell
Managing & Creative Director

Refreshingly collaborative, restlessly creative, thoroughly committed…Dave is Thrive. He loves overseeing great work that works, not to mention the results that follow.

Richard Barnes
Client Services Director

Richard’s remit? Enforcer of clear, objective-driven communication, and discoverer of those valuable pieces of insight that make our clients’ campaigns work harder.

John Green
Copywriter & Art Director

35 years in, John still relishes the challenge of creating concepts that make you sit up and crafting copy that gets the message across clearly – whatever the medium.

Rich Smith
Account Manager

An experienced client partner with particular expertise in the health and well-being sector, Rich is a pro at delivering results-driven integrated campaigns.

Rich Wilcock
Account Manager

Online or offline, Rich is dedicated to delivering successful projects time after time. And making sure the high standards Thrive clients come to expect are always met.

James Gingell
Account Manager

James spends a lot of his time on social media – all in the name of work of course, as he’s our specialist in digital campaign strategy and online communication.

Lucy Sherratt
Senior Designer

Naturally talented (so naturally a long-time Thriver), Lucy’s greatest asset is being able to bring ideas to life across every medium.

Jack Calvert
Graphic & Motion Designer

Jack’s versatility and vision have made him our go-to designer for many things, not least of which is producing our in-house videos.

Matt Hamilton
Web Developer

Matt’s a craftsman, but not in the traditional sense. His may be a digital world, but it still takes a keen eye and consummate skill to make it work as well as he does.

Ewan Edmondson, Thrive front end developer
Ewan Edmondson
Front End Developer

Digital perfection. Not Ewan himself of course (he’s definitely a real person!), but rather what he does – dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't' in front-end development.

Ste Ainsworth, Thrive Web Developer
Stephen Ainsworth
Web Developer

Stephen enjoys building attractive, functional websites with a keen eye for detail for Content Management Systems and WordPress so the client can update their website with ease.

Julie Carter, Thrive Operations Director
Julie Carter
Finance & Operations Director

Thrive couldn’t be Thrive without Julie – she looks after every aspect of agency life, from financial matters to fun nights out, and keeps everything running smooth as silk.

Max Rottier
Digital Account Executive

New to Thrive, but with a genuine desire to learn and contribute. A keen photographer and video editor, Max also helps out in the creative department.

The Agency Best Friend
Sammy Dog
Head of Client Services

The first person you're likely to meet on entering our Beartown HQ is a Wolf. Excitable, eager to please and always ready to make new friends.


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