Many people think I’m an accountant, which would be terrible as I’m awful with numbers. So when I try and describe what I do and how I do it, I often see confused nods and a few furrowed brows. How we do what we do takes an awful lot of plate spinning, fore thought and planning and isn’t for everybody. But Thrive has grown and Fran Jackson has come on board to help keep those plates spinning as our new Account Manager.

Thrive originally caught Fran’s eyes on the business world’s social network LinkedIn with our job advert for the vacant position. “I wasn’t actively looking for a new job but as a result of some of Thrive’s very own e-Marketing I came across their job advert and it caught my eye. I looked them up on the web and loved their website which contains some great testimonials from a really interesting and diverse range of clients so I was instantly hooked”. Fate sometimes plays its hand and it certainly did in this occasion – “I noticed the advert at about 4pm on the last day of applications. As soon as I had sussed what Thrive were about, I frantically sorted my application and sent it. I didn’t think I’d made it in time but Dave reassured me that it was ok.”

So after the hurdle of applying was over and the interview process finished, Fran has settled into her new role as our brand new Account Manager. But this world isn’t alien to her as she has spent several years managing accounts within Medical Communications and whilst it’s a different world many of her skills are transferrable, as Fran says “I could have happily stayed in Med Comms – Pharma is all I’ve known in my career to date but a new challenge excited me and its great to be able to gain some experience in another area. Looking after Clients is essentially the same wherever you are.”

And that’s the crux of an Account Manager. Looking after clients. And to Fran, that’s one of the best parts of the job, building relationships and interacting with different people each and every day. Each and every day though as Fran reminds me “are never the same, no two days are ever the same” which means that you have challenges every day but it’s obvious that Fran relishes this “I enjoy the collaboration and the varied nature is certainly different to the environment I was in before.”

Hearing this from Fran is not surprising as it was the same for myself. The challenge and buzz of making sure clients have the tools to succeed and reach targets is the same for most Account Managers.

Here at Thrive, we will always try and rise to the occasion and as your Account Managers, Fran and I want to make sure your marketing and brand communications are engaging your target audience and delivering tangible results.

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