Friends with Benefits – Marketing vs PR

So we’ve all heard of Marketing and we’ve all heard of PR – but what exactly is the difference?

In researching this conundrum, I’ve found that definitions can be vague and descriptions often biased as the Marketing and PR professionals battle it out to make one discipline or the other more meaningful and essential than the other.

But there’s really no need to fight, guys!

In fact, whilst PR & Marketing are two very distinct business functions, they can be a formidable team when used together.

So let’s super-simplify the matter:

Marketing is all about the end customer – identifying, anticipating and satisfying their demands using advertising and promotional channels to highlight the benefits of a product or service.

PR takes care of the organisation’s reputation – demonstrating expertise, responding reactively and lending credibility to the marketing strategy.

Both share in the common goal of generating interest around a product or service, building awareness and communicating value to the right customer, in the right place and at the right time.
And once this has been achieved, they both become defenders of the competitive advantage that they help to shape.

So, are two heads really better than one?

Here at Thrive, we like to be transparent. While we can offer the best creative marketing support for our clients, we also appreciate and respect the value of effective PR. But we’re not PR gurus ourselves, so instead we offer our clients the benefit of the expertise and experience from our established partners at Outwrite PR.

Working together with Tracy and the team at means that our clients have access to an integrated and seamless service, giving them the best competitive advantage that successful marketing can provide.

In a nutshell, we think two heads really can be better than one. So instead of trying to find the differences, let’s join forces to find you the most effective way of engaging your audience.

Customers beware – we’re coming to get you!

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