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From Moodboard to Artboard

Moodboards are a collection of visuals, stimulus, thoughts and ideas and are a great way to provide a focused and clear direction for a project before starting on the design process.

Here at Thrive, we often start a brief by creating a moodboard or style guide, be it digital or physical, that we present to the client or use as an internal source as to how we see the project evolving. It is a great way for them to visually comprehend any discussions or written ideas to show an overall mood and concept. It helps to establish the basics, and can serve as a reference for colour, tone, texture, typography and imagery before working up any initial designs.

Inspiration and thoughts can come from anywhere, it may be a great print ad, magazine cutting, direct mail format, or photograph. Real world inspiration is all around us, and can be anything that sparks interest or inspires us – allowing creative freedom to explore new approaches or ideas. It’s all about visually brainstorming and putting down thoughts, ideas, and a tone of voice that reflects the clients brief.

Moodboards act as a wireframe or building block for the project and the foundation for further ideas, whether that be a digital app or a new brand identity. They serve as a great tool for us as designers and help to refine a project’s style before diving into the actual design process. They help to agree or eliminate ideas before spending time working up a pixel perfect concept, and can convey a lot about the look or feel of a final design.

Whilst you can verbally communicate ideas about a concept, having a visual reference helps collaboration and discussion when presenting, and can spark further ideas, feedback and progression of the initial design stage before putting pen to paper, or pixel to artboard!

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