Going for Gold!

The 2016 Olympic Games are now underway in Rio and the world is currently sport crazy for the next 2 weeks. So what a perfect time to cast our creative minds into the future?

With the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games set to see Tokyo taking the host nation torch from Rio, the competition is well underway to design the new logo to represent the event. After controversy over the original design last September due to plagiarism, an international public competition was launched to create the identity for the future games, which saw nearly 15,000 new submissions.

The winning design comprises of an indigo blue chequered emblem, which was chosen along side four logos elected by the Tokyo 2020 committee. It was designed by Asao Tokolo, a Japanese designer who is well known for his intricate, mathematical emblems.

The pattern derives from a 17th century tribal fabric – which combines both tradition and modernism, representing differences in culture and nationalities. The emblem has a sense of structure, refined elegance, and a solid, dynamic feel that can adapt well to the Olympic brand, by conveying their key message of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Being a major global event, interest and excitement will be expected to build in Japan and across the world, and this new identity will soon become a familiar icon. Logos like this are always highly anticipated and whether people love it or loathe it, the design will become a key symbol for the 2020 games – screened across adverts, billboards, signage and tickets across the globe.

The selection process of this new emblem; through an open public competition is the first in Olympic history. A well deserved winner? it’s a 10/10 from us!

Tokyo Games

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