Going green

Going green has been on our minds for a while when it comes to packaging and printing. We’re all even more aware of it since the charges on plastic bags at the supermarkets. So, designing ‘green’ means having to think about the environment and practicing sustainable design. Implementing sustainable practices is always a good thing to do where you can; whether it’s a recycled paper for a bag, or using vegetable inks for printing and saving on energy and resources wherever possible.

So, why should designers go green?

Well, as a graphic designer, your job is to produce creative ideas to promote your client. Doing so in a greener way is not likely to put off your clients, in fact quite the opposite, more than 80% of consumers are focused on buying green products and services. So, when discussing that new brochure or piece of packaging why not suggest something a little more eco-friendly, such as papers like Kraft that come from FSC-certified sustainable forests. This is a great material for using on brochure covers, or boxes as it’s strong and 100% recyclable, or even soy and vegetable inks, which are made from renewable plant material and can help reduce VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions – which makes ink dry quickly and can be detrimental to health and the environment.

Next time you receive a project, try to have a think about the importance of how it may affect the environment. Here are some factors to consider:

There’s no need to think of green design as being limited… it’s just another opportunity to think outside the box and get creative!

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