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Google Analytics 4 – From conversions to Key Events.

A change has been made in Google Analytics 4, here’s the low down!

Google are in the process of bringing their metrics on Google Analytics and Google Ads into alignment. This change makes it easier to measure the performance of your Google Ads campaigns across both platforms, meaning you can now view the same Google Ad’s performance metrics, whether you are looking at reports in Google Ads or at Google Analytics.

So, what has changed?

Going forward, Google Analytics’ commonly known term ‘Conversions’ will know be known as and referred to as ‘Key Events’.

The processes involved with previously known Conversions will stay the same, for example, when making an event trackable (allowing you to easily track events such as purchases and form submissions), you will simply mark it as a Key Event, instead of a Conversion. The process itself works just as it did prior.

Luckily, this amendment will have little impact on day-to-day processes, as all legacy data will be switched to Key Events automatically. A key thing to note is that any Conversions shared with Google Ads will still be identified as a “Conversion.” Therefore, it is important to remember that everything else will be stored as a Key Event.

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