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Guest Blog – ‘Work Experience At Thrive’

This week, we hand over the blog reins to work experience student and digital marketing enthusiast Beth!

Hello! I’m Beth and have recently completed my first year studying Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at Birmingham City University. With aspirations to work in Digital Marketing after my undergraduate study, I got in touch with Thrive to arrange a short work placement during my summer break. The aim was to gain hands-on experience and insight into the day-to-day routine of an established brand and digital communications agency. Having developed a prior insight into social media and blog copy writing, through previous work experience and freelance projects, I was keen to find out more about the use of paid advertising and SEO for clients, as well as the critical analysis of search marketing methods.

Working at Thrive, it was soon apparent to me that Thrive are successful in creating and sustaining strong relationships with their clients, and being able to personally meet with their existing clients as a part of my internship just reinforced this.

During my week at Thrive, I have had the opportunity to feel part of the team and undertake jobs within the office to support administrative duties, management and the account management team. The tasks I have completed this week, I feel, were beneficial to both the accounts team and to my own experience; it was as if I was working as an account assistant within Thrive, as opposed to being designated photocopying or brew duties!

As an account assistant, I was able to work with a number of clients to perform a varied range of tasks. For example, for one local client, I was given the opportunity to construct a social strategy, in addition to a daily social media plan and schedule for their social media content. I was also given the opportunity to draft upcoming news posts for the client, which will be exciting to see published on their website. I even had the chance to help out with a photo shoot as part of a marketing content creation process.

I have had the chance, as a part of my work experience with Thrive, to discuss my queries regarding paid digital advertising and search marketing, and I am grateful for the time that was taken answer my questions. Particularly exciting, was the opportunity to apply this new knowledge by being involved in a live paid ad campaign.

All in all, this week has flown by. Even with such a short placement, I believe that I have gained so much valuable insight into the daily tasks within a digital communications agency, and have learnt a great deal – though of course there is still plenty for me to learn! I would strongly advise anyone who is unsure about their future career to gain some work experience and get a closer look.

I also want to take this final opportunity to thank all of the team at Thrive for being so welcoming and hospitable this week, and for allowing me to spend a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding week’s placement as a part of the team. A special shout out, also, to Sam the spaniel for greeting me every morning!

For our part, everyone here at Thrive would like to thank Beth sincerely for her help over the last week, commend her for her enterprising and enthusiastic attitude, and wish her all the very best with her studies and future career.



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