Guiding your brand – The importance of Brand Guidelines…

Brand guidelines are simply a manual as to how your business communicates to its consumers; a showcase of rules and guides for your business principles and how elements of your brand should be used.

They are tailored to complement the personality of your brand, and highly unique – but at the basic level they should indicate a brief outline of the core elements, including tone of voice, logo, colour palette, typography and imagery.

The reason we need them is to ensure consistency, so that both your messaging and visual branding has clear uniformity. This allows for instant brand recognition and helps to achieve customer loyalty.

When designing, guidelines help to set out the do’s and dont’s. The strength of the brand can often be weakened if many people work on it without direction so try and avoid this by setting some guides early on.

Being consistent will help to strengthen your brand identity. At the same time they still need to allow for flexibility and for the business to grow and evolve.

Having the freedom and creativity still needs to play a key part to ensure the individuality of your brand shines through.

If you need guidance with your brand then look no further. Contact our creative team on 01260 281546.

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