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Honey Pots and Spam Bots

Contrary to my first thoughts, a ‘Honey Pot’ is neither a beekeeping practise, nor an underhand scoring system in the dating world.

A Honey Pot is a digital trap, designed to capture spam in a false form and thus divert it away from the genuine and useful forms. Think of it as one of those wasp traps – wasp sees jam in pot, flies in, gets stuck and therefore stays away from your picnic.

The is just one part of my digital education – an exciting and interesting journey. My background is in print, with a dash of email and eCommerce. I love print, I love its tangibility. While digital work can’t be held or touched in the classical sense, it can change our lives in ways that print can’t. An app can get you up and running, literally! A good online news article can be around the world in minutes. The possibilities are unlimited!

The problem often faced now is how to cut through the morass of digital, social and online media. The principles of marketing still stand – getting in tho the psyche of your audience and tailoring the messages to fit is essential before putting a single pen to paper so to speak. ‘Form follows function’ has never been truer, that’s not to say the form has to be ugly or the functioning boring. The possibilities to create something extraordinary are endless.

If you want help with your honey pots, spam bots, the useful, the beautiful or anything in between, get in touch. We speak your language!

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