How people make charitable donations is changing

There’s no point hiding from the facts; the fundraising landscape has changed drastically in recent months, with even more changes on the way in 2016. Coupled with shifts in ‘giving’ behaviour and the plethora of ways donors can engage with charities, many third sector organisations are struggling to adapt to change. These are challenging times for fundraisers.

The charitable sector is faced with a conundrum of how to increase the total level of donations it receives – particularly when other revenue streams such as government funding are diminishing, and there are concerns over the lower level of engagement from younger generations, who are the potential donors of the future.

One of the great things about the third sector is the amount of freely available, detailed and relatively up to date information. By way of example, a recent report by the Charities Aid Foundation had some wonderful insights into individual giving in 2014; here’s a few key stats:

Reasons why people donate

To encourage more people to give more regularly, charities need to not only communicate the impact of donations from the public, but also raise awareness of the different giving channels available and increase the flexibility of these channels to meet the needs and circumstances of individual supporters.

As with any communication, understand what drives your target audience, engage them with relevant messages and you’re far more likely to compel them to take action. If you’d like to talk to us about how Thrive can help you do just that, give us a call, 01260 281546, or send us an email.

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