How to measure Social Media ROI

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Following on from the above, the upshot is, social media is exactly that – social.

The masses use the platforms to connect and interact with a wider audience. Think about how you use social media when you’re not wearing your business hat. You’re there to connect with interesting people over engaging content.

You don’t want to see advert after advert, or be sold to. If you just use social platforms to peddle your wares, people would get bored and switch off. Would you tune in to a TV channel that was just adverts? Or buy a magazine that was just pages and pages of ads? The answer is clearly no. If, however, you interact with people and get them emotionally involved with personality and engaging content, then they are much more likely to use your services.

Continuing with the same train of thought, if the Social Media platforms are used to connect and interact with a wider audience, why not measure the success of your activity on the power of your social reach, brand exposure and the interactions you have?

A Social Media campaign should just be one small part of an overall on-line marketing strategy. There will be other areas of that strategy that should be earning you a measurable monetary return, for example, your website.

On Facebook it would be to measure your Likes and your topic related social interactions, on Twitter your follows and re-tweets. All this equates to you increasing your brand exposure within your industry or area of expertise. Get that right, and the sales will naturally follow.

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