How will the Brexit affect the web industry?

Recently, the UK voted to leave the European Union. Since then, the prime minister has resigned, the value of the pound fell dramatically, as has the price of oil, and in the wake of the last week’s referendum outcome, millions might find it more difficult than before to come and work in the UK.

A vast number of studios in the UK depend on web professionals from across Europe to come and work within their development and design teams, sourcing fresh talent for these studios will no doubt prove more difficult if a new, more stringent immigration legislation comes through.

On the other hand, working on the web means you can work anywhere in the world, which means the option to outsource work to workers in low paid income countries may increase after the Brexit. As the pound weakens and the pool of workers gets significantly smaller, agencies could look further afield to get individuals who would work remotely with them.

London remains the best EU city for digital entrepreneurs.  Future web start-ups could choose to setup shop further afield within the EU. Tech cities, such as Amsterdam, Stockholm or Berlin, could home tomorrows big web companies which would otherwise be situated in London.

Only time will tell if the Brexit can provide Britain with an even bigger boost for its web industry and encourage more home grown talent in the industry.  This will allow Britain to continue to not only hold its own, but lead against the top tech hot spots of the world.

Either way, for the moment things may look uncertain for the future of the British web industry, but as old the saying goes – “Out of chaos comes order”.

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