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As we emerge from lockdown, it’s time to ask: How will you be remembered?

Lockdown has given us a rare opportunity to better understand ourselves and others. There’s a mutual understanding of uncertainty as we all continue to adapt. We are apart, but in many ways, we are more together than ever.

For brands, as restrictions start to ease and heads appear above parapets, now’s the time to ask: “How will you be remembered?”

As we covered in our post; ‘Are you ready to come back stronger?’, we know that now more than ever, people want brands to help them. They will remember brands that did good, helped them and others, kept them up to date and offered reassurance.

We’ve compiled some thoughts that may help you:

1. Reflect
What have you done to help others during lockdown? Have you recognised and rewarded your people and your customers?

2. Tell people what lies ahead…
What’s next for you? As you plan ahead, share your ambitions, it shows optimism and reassurance. People will rally behind brands with clear direction.

3. …But stay grounded
Never forget, things have changed, people are still cautious and uncertain. According to Ipsos Mori (UK), 71% of people say they’ll be nervous leaving the house when businesses re-open.

4. Be familiar
It’s reassuring. Talk in the same way, be true to your brand purpose, but consider how that purpose now sits in the world.

5. Celebrate the little things
Share your successes and those of others, however small they may appear, people want positivity.

It’s not too late

If you’re guilty of ‘going dark’ don’t wait any longer. Start talking, helping and adapting. That may seem daunting; we’re here if you need a hand, but now is the time.

Final thought

We must not let the lessons of this global pandemic go to waste. We’re about to emerge into a world we’ve never seen before. Brands have an opportunity to help make it a better one. Consumers will demand it. Be remembered for that.


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