Integrated Marketing Campaigns – together is better

Here at Thrive we believe consistent messaging across all forms of communication is key to maximising success. We’re not claiming to be unique in our thinking but we’ve proven time and again that a holistic integrated approach yields better results.

So what is integrated marketing? Fundamentally it’s the application of consistent brand messaging across all marketing channels. Practically it’s about using a mix of communication tools to achieve results.

A marketing campaign will always have objectives, understanding these, and even helping identify them, is essential from the outset. Once we know what success looks like we can formulate a plan. For example, imagine the objective is to attract attendees to an event or seminar. This might involve a website landing page where delegates can register their interest, this will require traffic driving activity to generate visitors. It might typically involve the following:

All of these components should of course work in harmony, with consistent messaging, to form an integrated approach rather than each operating in isolation. Because together is better.

It’s important not to lose site of the campaign’s objectives. Always set milestones and measure results, look at what’s working and what isn’t and re-adjust the mix accordingly.

If you’ve got a marketing campaign you’d like to discuss why not give us a call? 01260 281546.

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