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Jumping on the Brandwagon

As you can see below, I think it’s safe to say that these wordmarks are all pretty similar – using only sans-serif typefaces and flat colours.

So, why are so many brands heading in the same direction with their logos?

Simple Logos

Simple Logos Mobile

Simple. Simplifying the identity, in these cases, means moving away from any unique logotypes – something that most of these have had before now. A brand today is not defined by the logo itself – it is defined by everything that surrounds and supports the identity. The most important part of a brand is the product or service that is provided, and keeping these straightforward, clear and simple is the message that these logos are portraying.

Why so simple?

I feel that these brands are no longer trying to scream and shout, but to become a dependable, trusted part of our daily lives. We are bombarded with visual content in many different ways and in all sorts of environments, and if your products and services are trusted by your consumers, you’re in a powerful position.

Often, the simplest things are the most memorable, yet the hardest to create. With today’s technology, user interfaces and experiences are at the forefront of design and need to be both usable, and enjoyable. People want easy. People want simple.


The services and products are all very different, the logos are very similar, and the messages they are telling are the same.

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