Love letters – The Art of Typography

What’s so important about typography? Well, quite a lot actually. Typography can be the difference between make or break for your logo and definitely for your brand. Each and every typeface has a different personality whether it’s serif, sans serif, bold, condensed, light… the list goes on.

Have you ever tried typing the same word out 10 times in different fonts? Try it and you’ll see how every version suggests a different meaning, stirs up different emotive responses and perceptions. Knowing which font to use for a specific design solution can be an art in itself and searching for that perfect font can take a while!

According to the late, great Massimo Vignelli, ‘A word is so much better’. He believed the most important part of a logo was the typography. In fact, he only ever used typography and thought companies such as Bloomingdales and American Airlines didn’t need anything else to identify them.

Another important thing to remember is that fashion has no place in design. As said by Vignelli himself, design should be about timelessness, which is a great point, and brings me back to what I was saying about how a typeface can make or break a logo.

The right font can either give longevity or simply look trendy, running the risk of looking old fashioned and out of date in a matter of years or even months. Vignelli’s use of the typeface Helvetica served him well, in fact he used this for most of his work – and most of his logos had a life span of 40 years! Talking of Helvetica, ‘Helvetica’ the feature-length film about typography and graphic design is definitely worth a watch

But, it’s not just about how typography can change a design, typography could even change the world!

Recently, stationery specialists, Ryman, brought out a new eco-friendly font designed by Grey London. Their mission is to get the world to print more sustainably.

Grey London’s Executive Creative Director, Nils Leonard said, “We realised if we could make the words and numbers we print more efficient, then we’d make cartridges more efficient too, reducing their environmental impact. We’ve developed an environmentally friendly font the world will really want to print with. Sustainable. Beautiful. Free.”

Check it out…

So, whether you’re looking for a timeless font for a company logo or an eco-font to be used on a corporate identity, something as simple as a typeface can change people’s perception about everything your company stands for.

There are a few rules to follow:

And here’s my last tip; ‘Comic Sans’ is never a good choice!

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