Multimedia is the Message?

‘Content’ is something of a catch-all word. It’s a wide-ranging term that covers everything from magazine articles to Facebook posts, and TV ads to blogs like this one. And it’s getting wider.

Look back at website designs from just 10 or 15 years ago, and you’ll notice one thing above anything else: words. In those days, text was enough to get your message across. Since then though, the internet’s moved on – and so has the way we view things. We now live in a world of social media, of portable tech, of being able to filter out the things we don’t want and focus on things we do.

If you’re trying to get your message seen, that means one thing: make it interesting. So that’s just what people have done. Now information isn’t just text, it’s infographics, video, big images…all the ways advertising and marketing used to make an idea more appealing, but put into more current formats to match the way we view day to day information such as news.

A recent study I read looking at over 72,000 Facebook pages backs this up with figures:

Of course, the idea of using visual stimuli to make marketing more interesting is nothing new. What has changed though, is the number of different media available, and the fact that they’re being combined to hold readers’ attention.

Here in the leafy Cheshire surroundings of Thrive, we’ve found several of our own clients have been keen to use multimedia to create more impact with their messaging.

We produced an interesting combination of infographic and animation for Nixor’s website, for example. We’ve recently produced the brilliant fun infographic shown here for our client Care2Save, showing children’s ideas for their dream car to help promote the clients ‘Bentley by Me’ competition to win a Bentley and raise funds for hospice care. And for our client Fairerpower, who offer Cheshire residents an exclusive deal on their energy, we produced this smart, simple video to help tell potential customers why they should sign up; it will be emailed, posted on Facebook, uploaded to YouTube and featured on their new website (which we also designed!).

C2s infog

So when you’re thinking about ‘content’, don’t limit yourself to just one type. Look at how multimedia can work for you. Or better still, let us look at it for you. Just give us a call!

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