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My week at Thrive

This week Helena, a 17 year old student from Congleton High joined us for work experience.  

So here I am at Thrive for work experience week in Year 12, from Congleton High School, full of hope and expectation that I will learn something new, exciting and that it will really help me to make that all-important decision – University or Apprenticeship?

So, what can I say? After the initial ‘Hellos’ and an explanation of my working hours on Monday morning, I was given the task of a real-life ‘Blog about my experience here’ which they would post on their website, and to try to ‘create a logo, name and flyer’ for a new initiative to get students engaged with businesses – great I thought, something to get my artistic and IT skills into.

On Monday I set about designing the logos, something eye-catching and relevant, which should appeal to the intended audience – that was the plan, the reality was a bit harder to pull off. Wanting to impress the Thrivers, I thought what the candidates of ‘Young Apprentice’ would do before Alan Sugar fired them, and I remembered they were always talking about doing ‘research’ so I Googled other, similar initiatives, and brainstormed by ideas.


Throughout the week I presented my work in front of some of the Thrive creative team who were very helpful by giving me constructive feedback on how to improve my logos. I needed to think more simplistic because even the most famous brands have simple but memorable logos.

Here’s where I got to!

I’ve learnt many things in the past week but most importantly- never be scared to enter a different working environment and you can do anything when you put your mind to it.

By the end of the week I had turned my thoughts to what makes a good blog – which had also been Googled many times – and all the websites say – ‘it should make a point’, so the point I want to make, is that work experience could be pointless, unless you throw yourself into it whole heartedly and get on with it. If you think you are going to learn something earth shattering, you’re not. It’s sort of like doing a lesson in a different environment, except instead of the headteacher, its Dave, who is the Creative Director at Thrive, and he smiles a lot more!

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge “thank you” to all the team at Thrive for welcoming me and allowing me to have an enjoyable week’s placement as a part of their team. A special thanks to Max who ensured I understood the project I was given and kept me heading in the right direction.

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