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National Apprenticeship Week

Until recently I was the digital marketing apprentice at Thrive. Having only just completed my apprenticeship course in February, national apprenticeship week is the perfect period for me to reflect on my time so far at Thrive and in the marketing and advertising industry.

Back in the summer of 2017, I had never considered the apprenticeship route, instead anxiously waiting on my results hoping I would make it into my university of choice. Luckily I secured top A-levels grades and was initially thrilled to be heading off to study marketing at university. I’ve always been a creative and practical person, and in the weeks before the start of the course, I really began to wonder and worry about committing four whole years of my life to further study despite knowing I wanted to have an opportunity to be more creative. That year, I had produced an award-winning music video, worked hard on my photography and continued to work with the radio station I helped found, and didn’t want sign up for something that wouldn’t suit the sort of person I am. My fears of investing such a large amount of time into a theory led course pushed me to explore any other opportunities that were available, but I feared it was all too late as I was days away from having to confirm my place.

After a few long and slightly stressful hours researching firstly about apprenticeships and how they work, I had made a selection of courses and began looking through relevant vacancies. I found the perfect agency who were on the hunt for a digital marketing apprentice and I went for it.

One phone call, two interviews, a challenging real agency brief and presentation to the directors is all it took for me to make my mind up and drop my university place. I took the leap and accepted the job offer and I’ve been with Thrive for over a year and a half now! I am so glad I chose the apprenticeship route, now working on a variety of digital and print work for a large range of clients including big brands such as Iceland, MMU and Keele University. I’ve worked closely with the design team to refine my design skills, built our in-house photography and video studio, as well as working through the modules on my course to refine SEO, content marketing and other various relevant skills. I’m now preparing to join a degree marketing apprenticeship at MMU, which would allow me to continue to work full-time with Thrive whilst working towards a full degree in Digital Marketing. Instead of ending up with a significant level of debt, I’ll end up with 5+ years of experience and a salary throughout the whole thing. I couldn’t have imagined it turning out better.

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