QR Codes are back! (Did they ever leave?)

You’ll get all kinds of reactions whenever you mention the word ‘QR code’. Whether you are a lover of the matrix barcode or a hater it appears that the technology is here to stay and may even be gaining in popularity.


Google trends showing a steady increase in people searching 'qr codes'

Google trends showing the steady increase in people searching for ‘QR codes’.


The reason for some of the hate might be down to the fact that users would have to download a QR reader onto their phone before being able to scan in the barcode. This all seemed very clunky for something that was designed to make things like loading a website much slicker.

But fear no longer. With the launch of iOS 11 Apple have quietly added this feature onto their camera app. The issue now maybe that some people simple do not know it’s there and how to use it. So here is how:

  • Open the Camera app
  • Point to the QR code you want to scan
  • This will open a notification at the top of the screen
  • Tap the notification to action


The recent bronze statue of hero dog Treo in Congleton uses the QR code to give passers-by information of the special sculpture.


One of the extra benefits with QR codes and ios11 is the ability to scan in WIFI login credentials which will take away the pain of having to manual type all those WIFI passwords every time you enter a new building.

Another interesting and somewhat ignored development is that Apple may have added the QR code scanner in to integrate with Apple Pay information in the future. There is similar technology in China where it’s not uncommon to use QR codes as a way of moving money. We may see people using/seeing QR codes to pay for things directly in the near future. Imagine walking around the supermarket picking up and paying for individual items as you go rather than have to use those loathsome self-checkouts.


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