Small is Beautiful

Bigger is better right? Sometimes – holidays, skyscrapers, pieces of cake! It’s a common thought about marketing agencies. However, for me, small is where it’s at. It was also the crux of economist E.F. Schumacher’s brilliant idea – that small scale operation and craft production were the key to human happiness and environmental sustainability.

My previous home was a big agency, I learned a lot and had some great times but eventually became a cog in an ever churning machine. A machine that sadly means some amazing ideas never see the light of day.

Small isn’t afraid to have a big idea, to take the risk, to get out there. Small is personal, small is about you – strong relationships are at the heart of a little agency.

Small also means learning, constantly. To survive in a big world you need to keep adapting, keep your finger on the pulse. This is one of the big reasons I chose to downsize, it helps keep my brain engaged and my drive to grow and do better sharp. To remain healthy the human brain needs challenges like a plant needs water. Here at Thrive I can be at the heart of a creative process, working alongside artisan producers in their natural habitat. No churn here, just free-flowing creativity.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it still takes blood, sweat and tears (and pizza!) to get a job done, but 99% of the time it just flows. If you love your work you want to work hard and it’s not a chore.

We will grow, we will always push for more, and there will be more pizzas, but we’ll also stay the same. Our values won’t change and we will still love what we do. Plant a seed and a tree will grow, plant an account manager and Thrive will grow!

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