Social Media Advertising: New Name, Same Game

Social media sometimes has a reputation as a unique and even mysterious advertising platform. For some, it seems a wild, unpredictable and uncomfortable home for marketing content. Sometimes, often even, uncertainty around the best approach to social media advertising attracts vultures, or ‘Social Media Marketers’ to use their full title. Armed with razor sharp digital jargon and a pack of silver bullets – they are only too keen to tell you the latest secrets and newest strategies for social media advertising success.

Does social media advertising really require straying from the path of tried and tested advertising practises and concepts? I’m not convinced. Advertising on social media should be familiar territory for experienced advertisers. Most social media platforms, just like ‘traditional’ media channels, make their money by selling advertising space to businesses. Certainly, there are specific mechanics as to how and where we place our adverts which must be understood and mastered, but again this is something each and every media form has demanded of advertisers.

In my view, there is only one thing which can be considered to set social media apart from other broadcasting platforms; social media’s core content is user generated. Understanding how this can affect the context into which your adverts are placed, and the potential for how your adverts are added to by public responses and interactions, is an important part of social media advertising. It isn’t though, in my opinion, the most important part – not even close.

The key component of a good social media advert, is a good advert. An advert which engages the target audience, and which communicates a well thought through marketing message with clarity will yield the best results – and for experienced advertisers, that’s nothing new.

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