The Art of Direction – or Art Direction!

I’ve been in Manchester today working on a photography and video shoot for a London based fashion client. In between filming, at the amazing Artisan restaurant in Spinningfields, it struck me how important it is to capture the right imagery in the right surroundings when trying to encapsulate a brands’ persona; creating a perceived character to what is, in essence, a fairly intangible concept.

Lighting, mood, style of shot all help to create a ‘feel’ for a brand, influencing perception and helping it become a living, breathing entity. It’s what we in the know call Art Direction – best summed up as clever concepts and tailored visual style that make your brand uniquely identifiable.

The day has been a resounding success on many levels – not least because it’s been a huge tick against a Thrive core value – collaboration*. Without  the help of Richard from Knew Productions and Emma the super Photographer we’d have never been able to achieve such outstanding results.

As for the project – I’m afraid I can’t say any more on that but there’s some sneak footage below. What I can say is it’s going to be huuuuuge!

Can Thrive help give your brand personality? It’s gotta to be worth finding out so drop me an email if you’d like to to chat –

*Collaboration – one of the key Thrive values which Dave drums into all us Thrivers early on. To elaborate – we work alongside clients and strategic partners to achieve outstanding results by sharing ideas and knowledge. You thrive, we all thrive. Simple.

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