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The benefits of having a broad campaign mindset

In an increasingly fast paced communication landscape, it’s no surprise that brands are deciding to opt for a quick fix when it comes to their campaigns, plunging headlong with a channel first-approach. It’s a common and unhealthy trend that’s upon us; often choosing one singular platform, for example paid search ads or a social media post. This can limit the creativity, potential and impact of an idea, which is why having a broad campaign mindset is key to opportunity. Rolling your idea out across multiple platforms gives your campaign the potential for a much larger reach, and in turn, more engagement. Taking a broader campaign mindset could mean your idea becomes a flourishing memorable campaign with meaning, leverage and fluidity, and stay with your business for years to come.

Here’s three things to consider:

1. Start with an objective in mind. Are you wanting to increase lead generation? Change an opinion, or create brand awareness? Your intentions may inform the media channels, so a clear objective is a must.

2. Pinpointing exactly who you’re talking to. To help you find where and how your audience consume their content. Having awareness of what’s going on within the target audience’s world, and the wider world, will help you relate to your audience, further inform appropriate channels and guide the campaign message.

3. Learn from what has been before. Both the good and bad. Let it inform your decisions but don’t let it limit you. Don’t be afraid to try new things, whether it’s channel, processes, or media. What may have resonated with the audience on one platform, may not have the same effect on another, but the broader it is, the more scope for opportunity.

Take our campaign for Connecting Cheshire. The scale of our idea and the open mindedness of the client meant we were able to create a campaign which is memorable and has longevity to live on across various media. The campaign was brought to life across many touch points, from online advertising, printed collateral, and animations, through to environmental (clean) advertising in targeted areas. This multitude of platforms enabled a plethora of people to see the benefits of switching to super-fast broadband, therefore gaining SUPER results for the client – as much as 39% increase in uptake in targeted areas!

At Thrive we’re always thinking, thinking of the next big idea. Could it be for your campaign?

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