The Importance Of Good Content

Don’t Be Contempt With Your Content

As an Account Manager, I often have the privilege of working on projects from beginning to end. I lay out project plans, look to set launch dates and make sure everything looks nice and pretty. But the elephant in the room is often content. Content can mean anything from home page welcome messages all the way through to in depth professional ‘Meet the Team’ and ‘What We Do’ pages. Often, this is left to clients for themselves to pick up and send through when they have time. But content is much more than just words on a site.

We’ve recently seen huge changes in the way Google looks at sites and ranks them within their search engine and this is all connected to content. How much you have and how frequent it is added to makes a big difference to how it ranks.

This has obviously changed the way we should look at content. Copy should be about your business but crucially talk in a way that people can quickly understand. I’m talkin’ short and snappy but as informative as it can be.

The age old rule from my Journalism days at University was the 3 word mantra of Show, Educate and Convince. On websites, given that it is a window of your business or product, this is a vitally important element of what you’re trying to achieve and what visuals cannot do alone. The question which is often posed when you drop content into a site is “is it too long?” It’s a hard one to gauge as the visuals and copy obviously need to get along, but in reality, there is no such thing as too much copy. A customer or client will usually have made their decision after the first few sentences of reading it, but if they haven’t and want to read more, you need ask yourself “is the content I provided showing, educating and ultimately convincing the customer?” If it’s simply there to fill the page, it invariably is not.

Often when we look at proposals, copy writing comes as one of the core services we can provide and always provide a cost to it. The reason for this is because here at Thrive, we see good content as a vital element of a good website. Whilst Google loves good content, it is also your biggest weapon in engaging a customer and extremely useful in promoting your brand. Sometimes and not all the time, it’s one of the first things to be sacrificed when cost is spoken about. Which is a shame because in reality good copy is all part of making your website the best it possibly can be, good copy should be one of the first things on your website wish list.

Of course, Thrive can always help with copy writing. We make it do what it needs to do. Just get in touch!

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