The Long Term Benefits of Brand Building

Branding and Marketing are two areas of business which are often seen as a partnership; the former defines what we stand for; the latter is how we communicate the message to customers and prospects. Sadly, to their own detriment, many organisations fail to invest in long term strategic brand awareness and often place too much emphasis on shorter term tactical sales and marketing campaigns, the key to success is striking the right balance. I’ll explain my thinking and approach to brand building.

Before we get started, there are two things which are vital to recognise:

The Thrive Approach

Brand building isn’t just about short-term tactical sales and marketing activity, it’s about setting long-term strategic objectives aligned with the type of brand we want to build, how we want to position ourselves and the experience we want our customers to have. In other words, what we want to be famous for.

We start with defining the brand strategy and positioning; the idea that sits behind and drives everything we do.

Brand Strategy

Then we look to bring the positioning idea to life through the brand identity. This includes the visual look and feel (including logos, colours, typefaces, imagery etc) and the verbal identity or tone of voice.

Brand Identity

We then take the positioning idea and brand identity and drive it through every part of the business. This will include internal and external communications and marketing, physical environment, the way we behave and interact with customers and our products and services.

Brand Communication

The Benefits of Longer Term Brand Building

To help highlight the rewards that will eventually come from an investment in brand building lets look at the differences between strategic brand development and tactical sales and marketing.

Tactical sales and marketing: best summed as ‘bringing in the business’.
In a nutshell; lead generation, mining prospects, making sales, utilising your network, attending events and implementing marketing campaigns. This is a necessary component in every business to attract short term work, which might typically involve, meetings and sales pitches, direct mail, advertising, online marketing, through the line campaigns etc.

Long term strategic brand development: building a profile and reputation and owning a position in the minds of our audience.
Building a strong brand and profile means greater general awareness of who we are and what we do, meaning less time, effort, resource and cost is required in tactical marketing in the long run (this is what most companies neglect, and yet can make such a difference in a competitive marketplace). This may include a clearly defined brand identity and personality, thought leadership and blog posts, content creation, events, PR, video and social media.

Benefits of Brand Building


Hopefully this article successfully demonstrates the benefits and longer term rewards of brand positioning, brand building and the importance of striking the right balance between this important organising principle and tactical marketing. My advice is to consider your brand strategy as a partner to your overall business strategy, not just a partner to your marketing activity, ensuring it filters through to all departments, Sales, HR & Recruitment, R&D etc.

Finally, if you haven’t yet defined your brand position it’s often helpful to think of it as the answer to this question…

What do we want to be famous for?

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