The Most Efficient Way to Organise Yourself

Lean Sigma – A Love Affair

I love Lean Sigma – fact! Ever since attending a Yellow Belt Training Course back in 2009 I have been a convert. What is there not to like about a collection of tools and principles that aim to eliminate waste and defects and promote the voice of the customer all with the end point of improving efficiency?

So in a nutshell, being Lean in a business sense is all about working collaboratively to improve performance. This can be achieved in a whole host of ways whether that be conducting a root cause analysis, mapping a process flow or implementing a project charter. The list is endless and I could rattle on for hours about it – but fortunately for you, I won’t.  What I will do though is show you 5 quick wins that I apply on a daily basis in my role as Account Manager here at Thrive Creative that help me to be more efficient:

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