The Power of Infographics

Okay, so I love a good infographic. In fact, I probably spend way too much time completely engrossed in them when I should be doing something else. They’re just so engaging!

I thought I’d write this blog about them, not just because they’re great to read but because they could actually be incredibly useful for marketing your business.

They hold a ton of information in tiny snippets which people actually want to read. There is nothing more boring than a big block of text about ‘how we can help you’, but by creating a visually appealing graphic, people actually want to look at what could be extremely useful information. Not only because infographics are hugely more engaging than written information, but it has been proven that colour visuals actually increase the willingness to read by 80% (Green, R. (1989). The Persuasive Properties of Color, Marketing Communications), this is because human beings are ‘visually wired’.

There is a lot of interesting science behind the infographic – nearly 50% of your brain is a visual processor, most of your sensory receptors are actually in your eyes and it only takes 1/10 of a second to visualise a scene. Which is good to know if you’re trying to engage with potential clients. So, if you have a lot of skills you want to scream about to your potential clients, this could really benefit you.

While I was writing this I found a brilliant infographic about The Power of Visual Content by Market Domination Media which explains why info graphics are so effective for your business. Click here and have a good read.

If you like the sound of using infographics why not drop me an email at to see how we can help.


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