The Power of Print in a Digital Landscape

In today’s increasingly digital world, the power of print can often be overlooked, but the beauty and impact that a physical piece of design holds certainly can’t be underestimated.

There’s a certain warmth and familiarity about print – the finish, the fresh smell of a new brochure, its form and function can all enhance the simplicity of a great idea; something that digital can’t replicate on screen. A great creative idea is always going to be engaging, and the mediums of print and digital are both great platforms upon which to showcase this, in their own right. Print has a solid presence, whereas digital is fast moving and ever-evolving – reaching out to a wide audience at the click of a button.

People often love to receive clever or quirky direct mail, something that the receiver can touch and makes them stop and think and appreciate its message in three-dimensions. Digital is convenient, adaptable, and instant, but people often choose print because they want a different, more tangible experience. It pushes the boundaries of a design by engaging with your audience, when there aren’t animations, pop-ups or other components vying for the user’s attention. A printed piece of communication engages more of the senses and is a memorable vehicle that translates a key message simply.

It’s clear that a digital presence is crucial to any business, but tailoring a campaign using both online and offline tools is a more powerful combination; where the dynamism of digital successfully works in tandem with the tangibility of print. If you want to chat about your next creative project and how we can help, call us on 01260 281546.

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