Thrive wins contract for ‘One You’ campaign

Things move pretty quickly in agency land and the big news around Thrive at the moment is that we’ve won a three-year contract to deliver the Government’s ‘One You’ campaign in Cheshire.

One You Cheshire East’ is part of a national health initiative supported by the Cheshire East Council, along with Peaks & Plains and Age UK Cheshire East. We’ll draw inspiration from the national ‘One You’ campaign, which has a remit to improve lifestyle and health, reducing the burden on the NHS. The service will cover weight management, exercise, smoking cessation, drinking and sexual health.

The integrated campaign will include press, radio and out of home advertising, video, social media, a dedicated website and a suite of printed awareness material. One You Cheshire East officially launches in January 2017 – so watch this space!

This is yet another fantastic win for our agency and we’re all delighted to be playing an integral part in delivering a national campaign at a local level. It’s a great project and plays to our diverse strengths in campaign development. It’s been an amazing year for us and the ‘One You Cheshire East’ campaign is a great addition to our ever-expanding client portfolio.

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