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Unlock your creativity with more sleep

It’s #worldsleepday so of course we’re talking about sleep.

Is it true though? Is sleep the answer to becoming the most creative version of yourself?

Well it’s no longer folklore, sleep and creativity do go hand in hand, and scientists have proved it. At the University of California at San Diego, researchers used tests to quantify increases in creativity. It was found that those recently woken from REM sleep showed an increase in capacity. During REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, your brain mimics the activity during waking state, and this stage of sleep is where intense dreams occur.

Tap into your brain and let your dreams do all the work, to be more creative. The best ways to sleep yourself a creative genius:


1. Got a tough problem?

Reminding yourself of a specific problem before you go to sleep can help trigger your mind to work on the issue as you sleep. Your mind is mentally wandering and in a relaxation state, causing it to go down different paths which can lead to a new insight or a solution.


2. Take notes

Utilise a notepad or phone app to keep track of your dreams, can help find inspiration for a creative problem. Lucid dreaming aids exploring ideas during a dream and play out different scenarios within them. There are many apps which train you to become better at lucid dreaming.  Ask yourself during the day if you’re dreaming to get your brain in the habit of checking in on your dream state while you’re asleep.


3. Inspire yourself before bed

Read anything that inspires your mind before bedtime. Your brain synthesises information as you sleep, any new information primes you for creative thinking upon awaking.


4. Daydreams are your best friend

Daydreaming allows your mind to be unfocused and wander. Creators may find inspiration during the day, they have always been connected to new ideas, syntheses of existing ideas, or applying ideas in new ways.


5. Stick to a sleep routine

The best way to get a good night’s sleep is having a routine of when you got to sleep and wake up, to help boost creativity. This can ensure your get to the stage of REM sleep.

Experts have found you are most creative at the opposite time you are most productive. When you are tired, your brain can wander and explore many ideas and thoughts, and you get better creative thinking flows. Morning people should get creative in the evening, while night people should get creative in the morning.

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